The Best Sleep of Your Life

I’ve been testing out a new mattress for three months now. Over this time I have experienced the most effortless, truly restful, and sound sleep of my life! I did not anticipate this mattress making that drastic of a difference in the quality of sleep I get, but I was wrong. I’ve put writing thisRead more


Hey Fruit Bats! I’m sure it’s the first time many of you have visited my website and I just want to say thank you and welcome! Make sure to check out some of my other posts and look for more in the future. I really want to make this an active and vibrant part ofRead more


Hey fruit bats! I think it’s only right to start my website by doing posts about fashion staples. Being plus size comes with a wealth of struggles both inside and outside of fashion; but especially in fashion. I always get tons of questions about the basics like jeans, undergarments, cotton t-shirts, ect. This post isRead more


Hey fruit bats! If you guys follow my youtube channel, you’ll know I’m constantly doing favorites videos to review and tell you all about the hottest new shit. I have been thinking about for years about doing a video about my other unsung heros, however I just have never been sure if people would beRead more