The Best Sleep of Your Life

I’ve been testing out a new mattress for three months now. Over this time I have experienced the most effortless, truly restful, and sound sleep of my life! I did not anticipate this mattress making that drastic of a difference in the quality of sleep I get, but I was wrong. I’ve put writing this review or talking about my mattress on pause so I could really and truly test it out in all of its glory. So now after living with this mattress for a quarter of a year I. HAVE. THANGS. TO. SAY.

Big Fig Mattress reached out to me at the end of Summer 2018. I was so surprised and delighted at the time because I in fact had been saving about $100 a paycheck to purchase a mattress and Big Fig was at the top of my list to try. Several of my friends have Big Figs and I was interested in the hype behind them. If you ever seen Big Fig online you will know that they are the self proclaimed mattress for a bigger figure. This might not be something you’ve ever thought about, but it totally is something we should all discuss!

Big Fig stepped out into the mattress market promising high quality mattresses that will not break down due to weight. If you yourself haven’t experienced this, I’ll tell you first hand, IT SUCKS. Mattresses in general are not made for people of “above average” size and weight. This goes for tall people, chunky people, a combination of the two. Big Fig has engineered solutions to every problem plus size sleepers experience when it comes to mattress quality. I want to go over some of the highlights and things I found to make the most difference to me, but for a full breakdown and further research, check this page.

No Mo Potholes:
You know when you’re sleeping on a mattress for a consistent amount of time you often will experience what I (not so kindly) refer to as potholes? These are bits of your mattress when you will often lay and because of that constant weight and pressure on the springs, permanent settlement holes form. These are a nightmare and one of the biggest banes of spring mattresses. With Big Fig, these potholes don’t exist. They use high density foam, THREE inches of it in fact. This makes Big Fig mattresses over 50% more dense than other innerspring mattresses and a total of 1600 innerspring coils. This is more than a premium competitor has to offer.


Support me BEEEECH:
I must be supported; emotionally, internally,and most importantly physically… by my mattress. I am not one for selecting a bed that feels like I’m sleeping on a marshmallow. It’s nice for one or two nights, but longer than that and I’m out. The Big Fig mattress is made with hybrid construction. When you’re plus size, these meager support systems that standard mattresses offer will often start to soften and break down within a few months of use! That’s absolutely outrageous. Where Big Fig differs is by using a mixture of springs and foam to give the highest level of support for the plus sized body. The coils are individually wrapped and support the layers of foam to maintain their shape and resilience over time. What this means in the simplest of terms? The Big Fig mattress isn’t going to start out great and supportive but over time stop returning your calls and texts before all together leaving your ass on read. That’s a big deal, my friends.


Anyone out there a hot sleeper? I certainly am, though I love it. My partner however…does not. He is a hot sleeper, I am a hot sleeper, we’re both chunky, that’s a lot of heat, fam. The Big Fig Mattress comes with a built in mattress topper that is made with this really cool stuff they call “ThermoGel” that cools your body as you sleep. They compare this tech to that of something like dry fit from Nike. They also have placed a layer of perforated gel-infused latex foam directly under the quilted top for easy airflow. I can tell you first hand, I do not get hot sleeping, and I love to pile on the sheets, duvets, blankets, and wear pjs to bed. My partner might not opt for quite as many covers as me, but also doesn’t wake up in a hot swampy soup of sweat when he stays with me. He wants to purchase a Big Fig for his place as well now!

Bustin’ Boards is all I Know:
Have you ever broken a slat in your box spring? BE HONEST. I totally have. As a matter of fact, I’ve broken a few. The box spring is what your mattress sits on, and while not directly equated to your comfort, the box spring is the foundation for your mattress and it does in fact matter. Without a strong box spring, or one that is breaking beneath you, your mattress will begin to sag and drop even faster. The Big Fig foundation was designed to work directly with the mattress and absorb the impact the mattress takes. In fact, The Big Fig foundation has 18, 2.5 inch wide slats and double center rails to support 5X the weight of a standard foundation. This is incredible for those of us who are plus size/big and tall AND have a partner who is plus or big and tall.


Tossing Paper out the Door:
If you’ve ever purchased a mattress, you know how badly it hurts when the card reader has the audacity to actually take the money out of your account. Mattresses are EXPENSIVE. The Big Fig mattress is designed to last for 20 years! That’s right, not only is it specifically made for plus bodies, but it’s also made to last. Check this video to see the wear and tear test Big Fig puts their test mattress through. I can tell you that my mattress feels the same as it did the first night I slept on it. It hasn’t shifted, sagged, dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, or doged (ha ha) AT ALL. The last new mattress I bought felt like a totally different bed just five months after I purchased it, which was an utter bummer.

My Skeptic Thoughts:
So what were my doubts before I jumped in with Big Fig? I definitely think it’s important to share those with you and what I have found along my way.

  1. Buying a mattress ONLINE and not being able to test it out first
    I was totally freaking out over this non-traditional mattress seeking method. I have always gone to a mattress store, awkwardly “got comfy” on a bunch of bed, and picked what I thought was the best feeling on in my price range. With Big Fig, you don’t shop that way. I mean, I was saying yes, let me get rid of my mattress that is a little broken down but still works and accept a new bed that I might end up hating! It was a bit nerve wracking. You already know that I ended up loving my Big Fig, but it was still a legitimate fear. Big Fig also has a really great 101 night trial you can read here for full details. It’s just like it sounds though, you can try the Big Fig mattress for 101 days to decide if you fully like it. Which, when you think about it, this is way better than mattress testing for 10 minutes in a store.
  2.  There are no variations in mattress feel?!
    THIS was maybe the most daunting of all. When you go to purchase your Big Fig mattress, the only option you select is the size of mattress you want. THAT’S IT. No extra firm, no double pillow top, nada! You purchase The Big Fig Mattress and that’s it. It’s all the same standard (of excellence.) When you’re use to seeing overcompensating options, finally seeing a bed that doesn’t have any can be difficult to wrap your mind around. I can now confidently say I understand why there are not options, they aren’t needed. The Big Fig Mattress is quite literally perfect as is. Perfectly balanced to support my full figured body, cooling, suppel and supportive.
  3. But what’s the catch?
    In a world where we are CONSTANTLY being bombarded by “the next big thing,” it makes me very skeptical of all products that promise to change my life. I, being privy to the “social media influencer” side of things basically think everything is a lie until proven otherwise. I am here to tell you that my review for the Big Fig Mattress (box spring, frame, and all,) would have read the same if I would have purchased myself as I originally planned. I love this bed so much. I am sleeping solidly through the night, I do not wake up with aches and pains, I do not randomly wake up from tossing and turning, I do not want to get out of bed at all. I LOVE my Big Fig. They are genuinely a company who saw a very real problem in the mattress marketplace and decided that they could do better. Big Fig is a brand that wants plus sized/big and tall humans to get what everyone deserves; a good night’s sleep. There’s truly not a catch here. I sat down with Big Fig and was straight up with them. I said I’m writing about the good and the bad in equal measure. I’m going to tell people if I don’t like this bed. I’m going to be upfront with people when it comes to them spending their money. They were so gracious and ENCOURAGED me to share my thoughts and if I thought of improvements to let them know. Y’all, brands do not do that. Brands do not say to the people they partner with to be brutally honest.

The long and short of it (because I know some of y’all just scrolled to the bottom to get my final thoughts) is that Big Fig is an amazing brand working to bring quality sleep to people who are often times marginalized. This is wild to me, because no matter who you are, where you are, or how much money you have to your name, you sleep. You deserve quality sleep. Big Fig is seeking to equalize the market for people who are forgotten. I cannot imagine life without my Big Fig mattress. If I sleep away from home for a few nights I get aches and lower back tension because my body is now use to having a good night’s sleep. I cannot sing Big Fig’s praises enough. They are a brand I want to support because they are good people exacting important change where we need it. Their product also holds its own and deserves to be shouted from the hill tops. If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly recommend you consider Big Fig first. I have never slept better in my life. To check out Big Fig, click here! To Save money on your mattress purchase, use code “VICTORIA.”

Big Fig DID NOT: pay me to make this review, send me a guideline of what to say, pressure or persuade me for a certain review, offer me a higher commission rate for a better review, insist upon a review of my post before publishing.

Big Fig DID: contact me and ask if I would like to try their mattress, box spring, and fame in my choice of size, deliver the bed to me, and ask me to review my experience (good or bad) with The Big Fig Mattress. If you use my coupon code, I will get a commission from the sales and you will save money.

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    1. Dear Mom, Thank you for always being one of my biggest supporters and helping me with all of my obvious questions. I TREASURE YOU.

    1. Marie! It’s the best, I honestly cannot remember life prior to Big Fig. I’ve recommended it to everyone in my real life, plus and straight sized! Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

  1. Omg I lived for this review you’re such a fabulous person adored this I’m depth review love you queeeeennnnnn stay fabulous Xoxo

    1. J, thank you as always for the support! I always am warmed by your love and time to listen to whatever I’m thinking 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and Coco soon!

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