Hey fruit bats! If you guys follow my youtube channel, you’ll know I’m constantly doing favorites videos to review and tell you all about the hottest new shit. I have been thinking about for years about doing a video about my other unsung heros, however I just have never been sure if people would be interested in hearing about my favorite toothpaste and deodorant… However I know some of you are interested and I want this to live on the internet somewhere. Without further adieu, here are the products that I might not talk about or mention, but I would chop off three toes in order to keep them in my life Das real, y’all.


I don’t know what it is about getting older, but my body has just stopped tolerating things. I used to be able to use any old deodorant (even though I know they’re bad for you.) So in ways my body’s complete rejection of aluminum is a good thing, but it most certainly is a pain in the ass. If you’ve ever tried natural deodorants you’ll know that they really don’t do much for sweat or BO, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT. So one of my lovely subscribers in Hawaii sent me this product and I can’t get enough of it! Primal Pit Paste is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, all natural, and aluminum free. It basically tickles everyone’s fancy. It comes in a pot and you take a little out, rub it between your fingers, and apply with your hands. If that creeps you out a bit, there’s also a stick (which I have in my travel bag though I prefer the pot.) This is the ONLY natural deodorant I have ever tried that actually combats smell and addresses sweating. I love the lavender scent, though I have tried them all and they’re all recommendable.

Primal Pit Paste

Dry Shampoo

Okay, so y’all know I only wash my hair about once a month. If you didn’t know, now you do. Feel free to skip the whole grossed out thing. If you have ethnic hair or any kind you know that your hair doesn’t require that daily washing like “white people hair,” you’ll know. I say this as a mixed woman who has a completely different hair texture and scalp from everyone else in my family. I rely heavily on dry shampoo to keep my hair going. I use it about every third or fourth day, never directly on the scalp, and it keeps my hair looking good! My favorite is the Batiste dry shampoo in divine dark. I literally cannot live without this product. If the zombie apocalypse started tomorrow, my first stop would be at target so I could loot every can of this they had before I start my life of survival. Batiste in general makes my favorite dry shampoos so even if you don’t have luscious dark hair, they still have a ton of different scents available. I buy it in the three pack every time because I CANNOT BE OUT. I buy it for everyone for Christmas stockings, I recommend this brand exclusively because it’s the best. I love that it’s a mass market/drugstore brand because it’s economically friendly for most people and easy to find.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark

Wet Brush

I have naturally coarse curly hair. You bet your ass I’ve broken about a dozen hair brushes in my day. I love the Wet Brush above all else because it actually detangles my hair without ripping it out and can withstand my crazy locks. This is my favorite version of the wet brush because it dries out so much faster than the original. Sometimes I would need to use my original Wet Brush but it would still be wet from the shower and mess up my hair. This one is good to go about 5 minutes after the shower.

Speed Dry Wet Brush


I get so many questions on how I keep my teeth so white, and the simple honest truth is that I brush three times a day, floss, and get them cleaned like two-three times a year. I contribute about 90% of my white smile to the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste. I buy this 3 or 5 tubes at a time and have been using it for 8 years. I swear by it! I might not have beautiful straight teeth, (though someday I hope to) but I do have some healthy sparkly white chompers.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Feminine Wash

I am your crazy sister that asks you if you are properly washing your vagina. I’m a huge advocate for personal care in all forms, and making sure your privates are in check is part of that for me. Now before anyone flies off the handle and tells me that you’re not supposed to use feminine wash because the vagina is a self cleaning organ and it’s not good for you IMA EXPLAIN MYSELF. I don’t recommend using this wash internally, as in washing the inside of your vagina. You are absolutely correct when you say that the vagina is self cleaning. However I really love Summer’s Eve for washing the general area. I personally keep my vagina trimmed but not shaved (because it makes me feel weird.) So for me as a plus size human being who works out four times a week, I want to make sure I’ve neutralized any natural smells and balance the PH of that skin. It’s also unscented and for sensitive skin which I like because you cannot put Bath & Body Works down there and act like it doesn’t dry you out and make your skin itchy. The quick cleansing cloths are also a god send for after the gym. Many times I go to the gym and then need to run errands or go to class. I don’t always have time to shower, so the quick cleansing cloth is great for me. They’re also awesome in the summer when it’s super hot outside.

Summer’s Eve


So I read an article once about the dirtiest surfaces in your bathroom and when the #1 item on the list was your toothbrush because every time you poop microscopic poo particles escape the bowl and land on your toothbrush I about vomited. I immediately started searching for a way to keep this from happening and found Steripods! They are a clip for your toothbrush that works on any kind from manual to electric. They protect from dust, dirt, poo, soap, and general things that can cling to your toothbrush. I don’t know the exact science behind it but the little tablet in the cap helps kill bacteria at the microscopic level and all in all it just makes me feel better having it. Replace every 3 months and buy one for every human in your family. They also make them for your razor!


Personal Trimmer

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really am part werewolf. My hair on my face grows at an alarming rate. While that unibrow and moustache look is fly as hell and I fully support my mamas out there who rock, it’s just not how I live my best life. I realized about a year ago that I needed to stop waxing so much because it’s bad for your skin, as is nair and similar products. My cousin actually recommended this personal hair trimmer and it has forever changed my life! I use this for getting rid of my moustache, unwanted brow hairs that grow on my forehead, and general shaping. There is of course the old wive’s tale that if you shave your lip it grows back darker and thicker… It’s total lies. I have been using this for over a year now and have not noticed an increase in hair growing OR in hair color. My moustache grows in black anyway. I have purchased these for every woman in my life, all of my aunties, my mom, nana, and my cousins. We all use them and can’t get enough. It’s so much easier than booking in to get waxed and much better for your skin. Because the trimmer is not a razor it doesn’t actually cut the top layer of skin. It just trims the hair close to the surface. This is why it’s much more gentle than a razor or waxing because it doesn’t disturb the top layer of skin. This is the one I personally use and have bought for everyone!

Philips Personal Trimmer

Blister Guards

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, I cannot live without these. I have paid $15 for these in an airport before because I forgot them at home. I keep them in my wallet, my bathroom, my freelance makeup kit, my car, literally everywhere. These will save your life if you’re trying to wear new shoes. They also will protect your preexisting blisters from further irritation and damage in case you were stupid and forgot to wear one to prevent the pain. They are next to none, cream of the crop, you must own these. I am not a nice person if I have a blister and no access to the Band-Aid Blister Bandages.

Band-Aid Blister Bandages

Shower Cream & Lotion

I have spoken extensively about these products so I will try not to bore you if you’ve sat through it a few times already. I have found the Shower Cream and Lotion I want to use for the rest of my life. The Sol de Janeiro 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream smells of caramel and pistachio (which sounds gross but is honestly the best thing in the world.) It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and keeps my skin moisturized. The Bum Bum Cream is a “firming” luxurious body cream that keeps you super moisturized and smelling amazing. I don’t totally agree that it’s firming, like sure it helps for a very temporary amount of time but nothing is going to replace a squat and you and I both know that. I LOVE THESE. I splurge and purchase these often because there’s nothing else I love more.

Sol de Janeiro Shower Set

Cleansing Water

I love cleansing waters to refresh my skin after the gym, to make sure I got all my mascara and eyeliner off, and makeup prep. I have tried what I feel like is every one of these on the market and my all time favorite is the Simple cleansing water. It is super gentle, cost effective, and made with good ingredients. Oh, and it works really well! High end versus mass market, this is my favorite cleansing/micellar water!

Simple Cleansing Water

Makeup Eraser

I’ve been a huge skeptic of this product for the longest time. I didn’t understand how it works and I thought it was going to break my skin out. HOWEVER, it’s literally just magic. The Makeup Eraser removes all makeup, including waterproof, lash glue, and liquid lips with just water. It’s one of those things you just have to try for yourself. It apparently is made of fibers that are too small for bacteria to grow on so it doesn’t break your skin out and all of that good stuff and also so you don’t need to buy seven of them for each day of the week. Like I said, you just have to try it because it’s magical and it works and I’m eating my words after years of refusing to try it because I now own two.

Original Makeup Eraser


Tweezerman makes the best tweezers in the world, the end. You can buy a cheapy pair in a pinch, but honestly there is nothing better than the OG slanted Tweezermans. They just grab the hairs that every other set can’t get and they last for YEARS. Invest friends, invest.

Classic Slant Tweezerman Tweezers


You might be thinking to yourself that a hair tie is a hair time, and essentially you are right. Anything will do in a pinch. But let’s say it’s not a pinch, let’s say you’re looking for the next best thing for you hair and you need someone to tell you what to get. HERE I AM telling you to get the Invisibobbles. They do not leave creases or kinks in your hair, they don’t tangle in, and they’re plastic so they shrink back and maintain their shape better than elastic bands.

clear Invisibobbles


I have fallen head over heels for these undies! Tomboyx has become my favorite undies. They come in so many styles and sizes and are unisex! They welcome men and women of all shapes and sizes to wear whatever they identify with most which I think is amazing. I am currently wearing the briefs in a size 3 and I’m a big fan of the fit and structure. These underwear are made to last and maintain their shape.

Tomboyx Boyshorts

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it’s a little odd showing you guys such basic staples, but I think that the staples are important! If you use anything that I have included, let me know! Also question for you all, what are your top three life staples? Have an amazing iPhone charger? The best wax melts? A kick ass hand soap? I would LOVE to hear about it all!

Victoria xx

FTC Disclaimer: This post does not contain sponsored or paid advertisement. No brands or products featured know that I am even making this post. This post does include some affiliate links. Thank you so much for supporting all of my endeavors!


  1. Covergirl Lashblast Mascara – literally the only mascara I will buy. I’ve tried others both cheaper and more expensive and nothing ever matches it for my lashes.

    A comfy jumper that I can just put on whenever I don’t want to try – but still look acceptable to be in public.

    Bath and Body Works Candle – probably the most extra af ‘staple’ but it makes my house smell welcoming and comfortable. Peppermint and Marshmallow or Comfort.

  2. I think we are soul sisters! We enjoy and love most of the same things. I think it’s amazing the way you utilize your platform to promote body positivity as well as living a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to keeping up with your website.

  3. I can NOT live without the Sunday Riley UFO oil. It’s a damn god send for my sensitive, acne prone skin. It’s also fading the hyper pigmentation that I have from years of acne! Magic. Damn unicorn magic, Victoria. I swear.

  4. Congrats on the new website!! And I’ll definitely give the deodorant a shot. I’m really not about the chemical scents most deodorants have so this one sounds great.

  5. I really like Lush I Love Juicy – it seems to get my hair cleaner than other shampoos, so I can leave it a bit longer before the next wash. It does make it a bit fluffy, but my hair is dead straight so any volume is appreciated.

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